Home Warehouse Supply - No refund on a returned product

Sacramento, California 0 comments

I ordered a sink from Ebay from Home Warehouse Supply.It did not fit, so I contacted them and told them I was returning it.

I sent it back and waited about 10 days and then contacted them to ask when I'd receive my refund. They said it was in the warehouse and they hadn't checked it yet. A few days later, they said they found it and would check it. Then my 45 day Ebay guarantee passed and they refused to respond to me.

Everytime I would call, they would speak in a different language, Spanish I believe. So I wrote letters. I emailed. I contacted Ebay.

Since it was out of Ebay's hands, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. The BBB had to write to them three times before receiving a response. SIX MONTHS after the sink was returned, they responded saying the sink was broken and they couldn't issue a refund. So I responded to BBB and asked that the sink be sent back then.

Now, 8 months later, no sink and no refund.

Tried to go through the arbitration process through BBB, but they wouldn't' respond to that either.I'm out a lot of money including the sink and shipping costs and there isn't anything I can do about it unless I want to take them to court.

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